Confucius Analects – Gong Ye Chang 05

5-1 子(zǐ)(Confucius /)谓(wèi)(say /)公(gōng)冶(yě)长(cháng)(a person /),可(kě)(can /)妻(qì)(be wived /)也(yě)(..(confirmation) /),虽(suī)(althought /)在(zài)(is /)缧(léi)绁(xiè)(jail /)之(zhī)(.. /)中(zhōng)(in /),非(fēi)(not /)其(qí)(his /)罪(zuì)(guilt /)也(yě)(..(confirmation) /)。以(yǐ)(with /)其(qí)(his /)子(zǐ)(child /)妻(qì)(marry /)之(zhī)(it /)。 [EN]5-1 The Master said of Gong Ye Chang that he might be a good husband; although he was put in jail, he had not been guilty of any crime. Accordingly, he […]

Confucius Analects – Li Ren 04

4-1 子(zǐ)(Confucius /)曰(yuē)(say /):里(lǐ)(interior /)仁(rén)(Ren(virtue) /)为(wéi)(is /)美(měi)(beautiful /),择(zé)(choose /)不(bù)(not /)处(chǔ)(stay /)仁(rén)(Ren(virtue) /),焉(yān)(how /)得(dé)(can /)知(zhì)(wise /)? 【EN】4-1 The Master said, “Staying in the state of virtu is nice. If a man, when making a decision, do not base on virtu, how can he be wise?” 4-2 子(zǐ)(Confucius /)曰(yuē)(say /):不(bù)(not /)仁(rén)(Ren(virtue) /)者(zhě)(..(those) /)不(bù)(not /)可(kě)以(yǐ)(can /)久(jiǔ)(long /)处(chù)(stay /)约(yuē)(limite […]

Confucius Analects – Ba Yi 03

3-1 孔(kǒng)子(zǐ)(Confucius /)谓(wèi)(say of /)季(jì)氏(shì)(a person(name) /),“八(bā)佾(yì)(a danse with eight rows /)舞(wǔ)(danse /)于(yú)(..(prep) /)庭(tíng)(yard /),是(shì)(this /)可(kě)(can /)忍(rěn)(bear /)也(yě)(..(confirmation) /),孰(shú)(what /)不(bù)(not /)可(kě)(can /)忍(rěn)(bear /)也(yě)(..(confirmation) /)?” 【EN】3-1 Confucius said of the head of the Ji family, who had eight rows of sacrificial danse in his own area, “If he can bear to do this, what may he […]

Confucius Analects – Wei zheng 02

2-1 子(zǐ)(Confucius /)曰(yuē)(say /):“为(wéi)(do /)政(zhèng)(government /)以(yǐ)(with /)德(dé)(DE(virtue) /),譬(pì)如(rú)(is like /)北(běi)辰(chén)(the Polaris /),居(jū)(stay /)其(qí)(its /)所(suǒ)(place /)而(ér)(..(conjunction) /)众(zhòng)(numerous /)星(xīng)(star /)共(gǒng)(surround /)之(zhī)(it /)。” [EN]2-1 The Master said, “He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it.” 2-2 子(zǐ)(Confucius /)曰(yuē)(say […]

Confucius Analects — 01 Xueer

1-1 子(zǐ)(Confucius /)曰(yuē)(say /): 学(xué)(learn /)而(ér)(and /)时(shí)(time /)习(xí)(practice /)之(zhī)(it /),不(bù)(not /)亦(yì)(aslo /)悦(yuè)(happy /)乎(hū)(..(interrogation) /)?有(yǒu)(have /)朋(péng)(comrade /)自(zì)(from /)远(yuǎn)(faraway /)方(fāng)(place /)来(lái)(come /),不(bú)(not /)亦(yì)(also /)乐(lè)(happy /)乎(hū)(..(interrogation) /)?人(rén)(others /)不(bù)(not /)知(zhī)(understand /)而(ér)(and /)不(bú)(not /)愠(yùn)(miffed /),不(bú)(not /)亦(yì)(also /)君(jūn)子(zǐ)(a moral person /)乎(hū)(..(interrogation) /)? [EN]1-1 The Master said, “Is it not pleasant to learn REN and continuously practice what you have learned? Is […]