Traditional Chinese Culture Meetup

I was born and grew up in China but didn’t truly appreciate the Chinese culture until I left 6 years ago. Occasionally I read the works of Master Nan Huai-Chin and found myself becoming quite emotional while reading the book. I do not believe that Chinese wisdom is sitting on top of a philosophical mountain, but sitting right next to us. Once in a while I would be ashamed of myself for being so very blind about my culture and would never talk about it. Now I finally realize that my commitment to demonstrate and carry this wonderful culture on is critical. I will do everything I can to let her light shine through.

Starting on November 29th, I will be holding 12 Meetings that hopefully will be a great success. We will read and discuss the most well-known Chinese Confucian classic “Confucian Analects”.

“Confucian Analects” is a collection of sayings and ideas attributing to the Chinese educator Confucius and his disciples that were written over 2,500 years ago. All their conversations are rich in wisdom but only represent a very small part of Confucius’ thoughts. The Prime Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty once said that he “conquered and managed the whole country relying on the principles of Confucian Analects”. This alone shows how inspiring this book is to the Chinese culture.

In the past, I have participated in many meetings which were carried out in pubs and/or cafes. However, those environments were very noisy and very distracting. That is why I have chosen to hold these sessions in my own apartment which will accommodate 8 to 10 people. Therefore, if you are interested in attending, please respond RSVP.

The sessions are completely free and I welcome anyone who is interested in traditional Chinese culture. A cup of tea will be waiting for your arrival.

Here are our reading activities, please clic directly on the title to reserve a place:

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